I am a designer, writer, and entrepreneur currently traveling the United States. I believe strongly in decentralization, individual sovereignty, sustainability, and the healing potential of psychedelic medicine.


In college I studied both sustainable development and graphic design. After dropping out (twice), I began interning for ABV Atlanta's top experimental design agency and art gallery under world renowned artist Greg Mike. While I loved the art world, I found personal fulfillment and success as a designer focused on technology.

I found bitcoin in early 2014 and fell down the rabbit hole. I landed a job as an early design hire at BitPay, one of the top bitcoin companies at the time. As an early design hire at BitPay, I helped pioneer various bitcoin user interfaces including online payments, full node software, and the world first multi-signature wallet.

Shortly after I moved to Nashville to join BTC Inc, a global leader in bitcoin media. Since then I have taken on various Creative Director & Product Lead roles and launched projects including most notably Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Conference Series, and Carrot.

In 2020, I sold my house, bought an airstream, and toured across America while living nomadically. I am currently considering documenting this experience in book form.

In my free time I enjoy outdoor adventures, producing electronic music, reading science fiction, and sharing a drink with friends and family.

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